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Getting a home loan in India is none of the above.
At Credit Dharma we are changing that and making your home buying journey stress free. Top Experts, Best Banking Partners and Super Easy Process. 

Our Vision : Make Home Loans Hassle Free & Simple

At Credit Dharma, we envision a Bharat where every dream of owning a home is not hindered by the complexities and the cost of home loans. Increasing Interest Rates, Difficult Process, Hidden Charges, lack of quality support and advice make it more expensive and painful over time that ultimately hurts homeowners.

We believe in a world where the journey from dreaming about your perfect home to stepping into it is seamless, transparent, and, most importantly, cost effective.

Empowering Home Loan Savings

Credit Dharma is redefining home loan management by reducing your EMI burden. We combat high interest rates and hidden costs, making homeownership more affordable. Our Home Loan Balance Transfer service simplifies the process and ensures transparency, significantly reducing your loan expenses. With us, economical homeownership isn’t just a goal—it’s a reality.

Meet The Founders

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Meet The Founders

Seasoned Entrepreneurs with Deep Fintech Experience. Founders of threedots and early members of Groww, they bring unique insights and a strong knack for understanding user’s problems in the fast moving and complex world of finance. 

Rishu Garg

CEO & Co-Founder

Akul Aggarwal

COO & Co-Founder

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When you choose Credit Dharma, you’re aligning with a brand that’s trusted by the most esteemed investors and founders in the country. Our journey is championed by marquee names, ensuring we’re not just another startup, but a force reshaping the home loan landscape with credibility and ambition.
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Lalit Keshre
Jitendra Gupta
Amrish Rau
Pine Labs
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