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6 Smart Ways To Prepay Your Home Loan

six smart ways to prepay your home loan

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Embarking on the journey of homeownership is a cherished dream for many, transforming aspirations into a warm reality called home. Yet, navigating the financial aspects of this venture—particularly managing the debt associated with a mortgage—can be daunting. Questions like “Can I handle the financial burden?” or “Will I fulfill my aspirations?” are common among prospective homeowners. Should you prepay your home loan?

Here’s a reassuring thought: strategic financial planning can empower you to manage your home loan effectively, alleviating fears and uncertainties. When it comes to mortgages, an advantageous option offered by banks and lending institutions is the prepayment of home loans. Opting for early repayment can lead to substantial savings on interest and can also expedite the journey to owning your home outright.

In our guide to home loan foreclosure, we have covered the basics of home loan prepayment. In this guide, we are going to increase our scope and share some actionable and smart tips to plan your home loan prepayment.

What Does Prepayment of Home Loan Mean?

Prepayment of a home loan is when you pay off your debt partially or in full before the scheduled end of the term. This smart financial move can shrink your interest expense, either by lowering monthly EMIs or by cutting down the loan duration.

Is it possible to prepay your home loan?

Many banks and financial institutions encourage borrowers to make additional payments beyond their regular EMIs—sometimes equal to double the monthly installment—or to settle a substantial lump sum. However, be aware that prepayment might attract certain charges, as it disrupts the lender’s expected earnings on the loan. It’s essential to weigh the benefits against any potential fees involved.

Is Prepayment of a Home Loan a Good Idea?

Prepaying your home loan can be a financially savvy move. Initially, home loans are structured so that the interest component outweighs the principal. However, prepayment reduces the principal, which in turn, decreases the interest charged in subsequent months. This twofold benefit means significant interest savings and a shorter loan tenure—allowing you to own your home outright much sooner.

Remember, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) stipulates that lenders can’t penalize prepayments on floating-rate loans. Fixed-rate loans, though, may carry a prepayment fee. Essentially, if you’re pondering, “Is prepayment of a home loan a good idea?” The answer is yes, especially if you’re seeking to minimize interest costs and expedite loan clearance.

Smart Strategies for Home Loan Prepayment

Here are 6 smart strategies to consider that can help you prepay your home loan faster:

Make Annual Part-Payments

Smartly managing your finances to make a partial payment on your home loan at least once a year can have remarkable effects. Aim to adjust your budget to allow for an annual prepayment of roughly 20-25% of the outstanding loan amount. This strategic move doesn’t just trim your EMI; it also shortens your loan tenure. However, ensure this prepayment is well-planned and doesn’t strain your finances down the line.

Opt for Slightly Higher EMIs

Choosing a home loan with the lowest interest rate is crucial since interest makes up a significant slice of your EMI. By voluntarily increasing your EMI even slightly, you expedite the repayment process. Consider boosting your EMI annually, say by 10%, to close your loan account sooner.

Shorten Your Payment Tenure

Selecting a shorter loan tenure might hike up your monthly EMI, but it’s a powerful tactic to settle your home loan early. This swift repayment not only liberates you from financial obligations sooner but also curtails the total interest paid.

Leverage Mutual Fund Investments

Strategically channeling your surplus income into mutual funds and Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) can yield substantial returns. For instance, a monthly investment of Rs 10,000 in an SIP for 15 years might generate around Rs 50 lakhs, which can massively dent a 25-year loan tenure of the same amount, saving you significant tax money in the process.

Consider a Balance Transfer for Lower Rates

If you’re stuck with a high-interest home loan, transferring your balance to another lender offering lower rates can be financially beneficial. This switch not only reduces interest outlay but also offers the opportunity to renegotiate your loan terms. Keep in mind that a balance transfer is most advantageous early in your loan’s tenure rather than later.

Utilise Overdraft Facilities

For individuals with disposable income post-EMI payments, a home loan overdraft facility can be an efficient tool. Parking surplus cash in an overdraft account gives you the flexibility to prepay your home loan whenever possible, accelerating your journey to a debt-free life.

By employing these smart approaches, you’re not simply asking, How can I pay my home loan early? but actively taking the reins to achieve financial freedom sooner rather than later.

Leveraging a Home Loan Prepayment Calculator

A home loan prepayment calculator can be a valuable tool in your arsenal to financially plan your home loan prepayment strategies and estimate the money saved. The CreditDharma home loan prepayment calculator is an interactive tool designed to help you get answers to queries on how much interest you will be saving, and your new loan tenure and help understand the benefits of prepaying your home loan.

The calculator is super easy to use, you just need to input details such as your loan amount, tenure, interest rate, installments paid, and the amount you wish to prepay. The calculator then gives you results such as interest saved, your new outstanding principal, the number of EMIs saved, and your estimated new monthly EMI.

Should you prepay your home loan?

You can consider prepaying your home loan depending on your financial situation and overall financial goals. Receiving a large sum of money, such as a bonus, can be a good opportunity for you to prepay a portion of your loan. The RBI mandates that there are no prepayment charges for loans with floating interest rates.

Experts suggest prepaying home loans with higher interest rates to save on interest payments. In cases of lower interest rates, the borrower can avail of certain tax benefits, which may be more beneficial than prepayment.

The lure of home loan prepayment can be very tempting. However, it’s important to consider the source of funds. Financial experts advise against using your emergency or rainy day funds for home loan prepayment, suggesting their preservation for future needs.

Home loan prepayment can be viable for reducing liabilities, especially when planning for retirement. Prepaying a home loan offers financial and psychological benefits. However, these decisions should align with your short-term and long-term planning.

Why Choose Credit Dharma for Home Loan Guidance?

If you are wondering why you should consult Credit Dharma, then you should know it is a one-of-a-kind, customizable financial advice solution that helps you secure the perfect home loan. With Credit Dharma, you can explore financing solutions that make your dream of homeownership a reality.

Its comprehensive services cover everything from securing the best interest rates and mortgages to streamlining the paperwork, ensuring a transparent and hassle-free process. With Credit Dharma, you can maximize your savings on home loans, achieve faster loan freedom, and enjoy a one-stop solution for all your housing finance needs.

Credit Dharma prioritizes your financial well-being, offering personalized prepayment plans, low processing fees, and zero processing fee offers. Whether you are considering a balance transfer, looking for a top-up loan, or seeking advice on home loan saving tips, we have you covered.


What is the prepayment of a home loan and how can it benefit me?

Prepayment of a home loan is when you pay off your mortgage partially or completely before the end of the term. Prepayment helps reduce your principal amount thus saving you money on interest and lowering loan tenure.

Are there charges associated with home loan prepayment?

According to the RBI mandate banks cannot charge any prepayment fees in case of floating interest rates. However, there might be some prepayment charges levied in case of a fixed interest rate.

When should I consider prepaying my home loan?

Consider prepaying your home loan when you have surplus funds like a bonus or a financial windfall. However, be sure not to use emergency funds for prepayment and always keep your overall financial goals in mind.

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