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In the ever-evolving financial landscape, home loan balance transfers have become a popular tool for borrowers. Among the frontrunners offering this service is Bajaj Finserv. Their Home Loan Balance Transfer feature stands out, providing a myriad of benefits to customers. In this detailed guide, we’ll delve deep into the nuances of the Bajaj Finserv Home Loan Balance Transfer, ensuring you have all the information you need.

Introduction to Home Loan Balance Transfer

Before diving in, let’s understand what a home loan balance transfer is. Simply put, it’s the process of transferring the outstanding principal amount of your home loan from one lender to another to avail better interest rates and terms. In this context, Bajaj Finserv has been making significant strides, offering attractive rates and terms for those looking to make a switch.

Why Choose Bajaj Finserv for Balance Transfer?

Choosing a reliable financial institution for a balance transfer is crucial. Bajaj Finserv stands out for several reasons:

  • Competitive Interest Rates: With Bajaj Finserv, borrowers can benefit from some of the most competitive rates in the industry.
  • Transparency: No hidden charges or dubious terms. Every detail is laid out for borrowers.
  • Top-notch Customer Service: Their team is always ready to assist, ensuring a smooth balance transfer process.

Features of Bajaj Finserv Home Loan Balance Transfer

Understanding the unique features of the Bajaj Finserv Home Loan Balance Transfer can be enlightening:

Flexible TenureBorrowers can choose a repayment tenure that suits them.
Top-Up LoanGet an additional loan when you transfer your home loan balance.
Easy DocumentationMinimal paperwork makes the process hassle-free.
Instant ApprovalQuick processing ensures that borrowers don’t have to wait.

Interest Rates Catered for Different Applicants

Bajaj Housing Finance meticulously bifurcates its interest rates to cater to both salaried and self-employed individuals:

For Salaried and Professional Applicants:

  • Salaried Floating Reference Rate: 15.40%Loan TypeEffective ROI (p.a.)Home Loan8.45%* to 15.00%*Home Loan (Balance Transfer)8.60%* to 15.00%*Top Up9.80%* to 18.00%*

For Self-Employed Applicants:

  • Self-Employed Floating Reference Rate: 15.85%Loan TypeEffective ROI (p.a.)Home Loan9.10%* to 15.00%*Home Loan (Balance Transfer)9.50%* to 15.00%*Top Up10.00%* to 18.00%*

Both salaried individuals and self-employed professionals have the option to avail repo rate linked Home Loans. With the Reserve Bank of India employing the repo rate as a fiscal tool, the current standing repo rate is 6.50%. This repo rate plays a pivotal role in determining the ROI across all financial lending institutions.

Additionally, Bajaj Housing Finance introduces an extra rate termed as ‘spread’. This is calculated over the benchmark rate, and the final lending rate is achieved after factoring in various parameters such as bureau scores, profiles, and other internal benchmarks. Importantly, the documented rate of interest may vary up to 100 basis points in exceptional cases.

Other Fees and Charges

Type of FeeCharges Applicable
Processing FeeUp to 7% of the loan amount + GST
Loan Statement ChargesNil
Interest and Principal Statement ChargesNil
EMI Bounce ChargesUp to Rs.10,000* (varies by loan amount, detailed below)
Penal Interest24% per annum in addition to the applicable interest rate on overdue amounts
Secure FeeUp to Rs.9,999 (one-time)

Benefits and Advantages

Choosing the Bajaj Finserv Home Loan Balance Transfer comes with an array of benefits:

  • Savings: With potentially lower interest rates, borrowers can save a significant amount over the tenure of their loan.
  • Consolidation: By consolidating loans, borrowers can manage their finances better.
  • Flexible Repayment: Bajaj Finserv offers flexible repayment options tailored to the borrower’s needs.

Eligibility and Documentation

For a smooth balance transfer process, it’s vital to be aware of the eligibility criteria and required documentation:

Eligibility CriteriaDocumentation Required
Existing home loan from a recognized lenderHome loan statement from the current lender
Consistent repayment recordProof of identity and residence
Meet the age and income criteria set by Bajaj FinservIncome proof and bank statements

How to Apply?

Applying for a Bajaj Finserv Home Loan Balance Transfer is a breeze:

  1. Visit the Official Website: Navigate to the Home Loan Balance Transfer section.
  2. Fill the Online Application: Provide the required details and upload the necessary documents.
  3. Get Approval: Post verification, get instant approval.
  4. Finalize the Transfer: Once approved, the outstanding loan amount will be transferred from your existing lender to Bajaj Finserv.


In conclusion, for those seeking a better interest rate or more favorable terms on their home loan, the Bajaj Finserv Home Loan Balance Transfer is an option worth considering. With its myriad features, benefits, and a reputation for excellence, borrowers are in safe hands. Making informed decisions in the financial world can lead to significant savings, and with this guide, we hope you’re a step closer to making the best choice for your financial well-being.

Also check home loans from other banks

LenderHome Loan Interest Rates (Above 75 lakhs)Home Loan Interest Rates (Above 30 lakhs to 75 lakhs)Home Loan Interest Rates (Up to 30 lakhs)
LIC Housing Finance8.50% – 10.75%8.50% – 10.55%8.50% – 10.35%
State Bank of India8.50% – 10.05%8.50% – 10.05%8.50% – 10.15%
HDFC Bank Limited8.40% onwards8.40% onwards8.40% onwards


What is the maximum tenure Bajaj offers home loan for

The maximum tenure for the home loan is 20-30 years (but the tenure of the loan can also change based on the scheme.)

Are Bajaj housing Finance interest rates fixed or floating?

Offers both fixed and floating interest rate options for home loans. With a fixed rate, the interest remains constant throughout the loan tenure, while with a floating rate, it fluctuates with the market condition.

How is Interest Rate Determined for Bajaj Home Loan

Bajaj determines the interest rate based on factors like the loan amount, loan tenure, CIBIL Score, and the type of interest rate (fixed or floating) chosen by the borrower.

How can I calculate the EMI for Bajaj Home Loan?

You can calculate the EMI for using any online EMI Calculator

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