Bangalore’s has a new city – KHIR

a sustainable built futuristic city in Bangalore

As India’s largest startup ecosystem, Bangalore continues to attract investors, startup owners, and talent worldwide. As the city expands, news about development projects and localities springing up has become common – opening exciting opportunities for potential homeowners. 

In November 2023, Industry Minister M.B Patil announced the birth of a new city – KHIR, spanning 2000 acres near the Kempegowda International Airport. KHIR stands for Knowledge, Health, Innovation, and Research, marking its commitment to diverse growth.

In his speech, Minister M.B Patil unveiled ambitious plans for KHIR, promising an economic boom and job growth. This development will open over  80,000 job opportunities and comes with a whopping investment of at least Rs 40,000 crores. 

KHIR is also estimated to boost Bangalore’s current GSDP of Rs 25 lakh crores with its focus on innovation and research. The ripple effect of KHIR’s development will extend to the real estate market in Bangalore. As the city expands, so will its property landscape, offering new horizons for investors and home seekers alike.

Now, with KHIR on the horizon, the question arises: How will this project unfold? Will KHIR become the next sought-after destination? Imagining the possibilities, it’s hard not to wonder – could KHIR be your next home?

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