Bank of Baroda Home Loan Balance Transfer Calculator

Calculate your savings with the Balance transfer Calculator

In the dynamic world of finance, the Bank of Baroda Home Loan Balance Transfer Calculator emerges as a beacon of hope for homeowners seeking more favourable loan terms. This blog dives into the intricacies of this revolutionary tool, elucidating its workings, benefits, and how it can be a game-changer in your financial journey.

How to Use Home Loan Balance Transfer Calculator

To harness the full potential of the Home Loan Balance Transfer Calculator, follow these steps:

  1. Existing Loan Details: Input the outstanding amount, current EMI, and remaining tenure.
  2. Prospective Loan Parameters: Fill in the intended tenure and interest rate for the Bank of Baroda Home Loan.
  3. Results Analysis: The calculator will then display total cash flow savings, existing EMI, Bank of Baroda EMI, and total EMI savings.

The formula used in CreditDharma Bank of Baroda Home Loan Balance Transfer Calculator

The Calculator takes input as shown below to calculate the Balance Transfer benefits.

Outstanding PrincipalP
Yearly ROI ROI
New TenureNT

Outputs that we will get from the calculator will be

Total SavingsS
Existing EMIE
Monthly EMI SavingsES ( E – NE ‘)

For example, assume that a person took a home loan of which Rs. 70 Lakhs Outstanding Principal is yet to be paid for a tenure of 20 years at an agreed-upon interest rate of 10.5%. and now wants to transfer the home loan to Bank of Baroda with new interest rate of 9.45% and without changing the tenure of 20 years So, according to the formula –

  1. P = 70,00,000
  2. ROI = 10.5%
  3. T = 20 Years
  4. NT = 20
  5. NROI = 9.45

Now using the Balance Transfer Formula:

R = ROI/100

E = [P x R x (1+R) ^T] / [((1+R) ^T)-1]

Current Amount = A = E*T*12

NR = NROI/100

NE = [P x R x (1+R) ^NT] / [((1+R) ^NT)-1]

New Amount = NA = NE*NT*12

ES = A – NA

A home loan balance transfer calculator will swiftly provide you with precise calculations, specifically in this scenario.

Existing EMI: Rs.69,887

New EMI: Rs.65,021

Monthly Savings: Rs.4,866

Total Savings: Rs.11,67,791

What is the Bank of Baroda Home Loan Balance Transfer Calculator by CreditDharma ?

At its core, the Bank of Baroda Home Loan Balance Transfer Calculator is an innovative online facility. It empowers you to shift your existing home loan from one bank to another – a particularly advantageous move when Bank of Baroda offers more suitable loan conditions. Consequently, this calculator is not just a tool; it’s your financial strategist in the complex journey of home loans.

How Home Loan Balance Transfer Calculator works

The Bank of Baroda Home Loan Takeover Calculator is an exemplar of modern computational tools. It seamlessly incorporates complex algorithms and formulas, thus simplifying the process of calculating potential savings from transferring your Home Loan. As a user, you’re required to input key details of your existing and prospective loans. The calculator, with remarkable efficiency, processes this data to offer an accurate estimation of your financial gain.

Advantages of Using the Calculator

Utilizing the Bank of Baroda Home Loan Balance Transfer Calculator confers several benefits:

  • Accessibility: Available online, it eliminates the need for physical branch visits.
  • Efficiency: Quick computations save time.
  • Cost Analysis: Helps in a thorough cost-benefit analysis.
  • Financial Planning: Assists in strategizing present and future financial commitments.

Understanding Savings Calculation

The Bank of Baroda Home Loan Refinance Calculator doesn’t just give a number; it offers a detailed breakdown of your savings. This includes total savings in cash flow and on your EMI, providing a clear picture of your financial advantage.

Bank of Baroda Home Loan Offer on CreditDharma

Home Loan interest rates from Bank of Baroda begin at 8.60% p.a. For more detailed information, visit the Bank of Baroda Home Loans page on CreditDharma. Additionally, our advisors are available to provide further insights into Bank of Baroda’s offerings and assist you with the Home Loan process.


The Bank of Baroda Home Loan Balance Transfer Calculator stands as a testament to the bank’s commitment to customer-centric financial solutions. It’s more than just a calculator; it’s a pathway to smarter financial decisions. Embrace this tool to navigate the complexities of home loan transfers and step into a realm of financial prudence and prosperity.

Visit the Bank of Baroda’s official website for more information.

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What is the time required for Balance Transfer of a home loan ?

Transferring your home loan balance typically takes between 5 to 20 days. This duration can vary based on the processing speed of your current bank and the time needed for documentation and approval processes at the new bank.

Impact of a home loan balance transfer on your credit score

Initiating a balance transfer for your home loan does not directly impact your credit score. In fact, it may have positive effects, such as reducing the number of active loan accounts and decreasing your overall credit utilisation.

When is it advisable to opt for a balance transfer of your home loan?

Consider transferring your home loan balance if you find yourself subject to an interest rate that exceeds the current market average. Some Banks are known for offering attractive rates for these kinds of balance transfers.

Is there a tax advantage with a balance transfer loan?

Absolutely. Under the Income Tax Act of 1961, you qualify for tax deductions on both the principal and interest amounts of your balance transfer loan. Since these tax advantages can change from year to year, it’s advisable to consult with banks for up-to-date information on the tax benefits available for your loan.

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