Top 5 areas to buy a property in Bangalore – 2024

illustrative image of modern real estate projects in Bangalore

House hunting in Bangalore can be a real pain- but hey, when has a roadmap not helped anyone? We’ve scouted the Top 5 areas in Silicon Valley for you to narrow your search down from. These areas have been riding the high wave so far and are predicted to move only upwards in 2024. Let’s get into it –

  1. Sarjapur Road: First up, we’ve got Sarjapur Road, rising rapidly in the Bangalore real estate market. Priced between Rs 6500 to Rs 8000 per sq foot, this area is not just growing in terms of tech but is also becoming a cultural hub. With an average rental yield of 8%, you can bet on a good return on your investment. Plus, it’s close to hotspots like Bellandur, Marathahalli, Koramangala, and HSR, sorting out all your weekend needs.
  2. Whitefield: Next on our list is Whitefield. Priced from Rs 7100 to Rs 9500 per sq foot, this area is now connected to the Purple Line Metro, making its value shoot up, and a breeze to commute. And guess what? It doesn’t stop there; the average rental yield is a solid 7%. Surrounded by tech parks and the vibrant Indiranagar, you won’t have to take up long commutes for work or relaxing anymore.
  3. Indiranagar: Indiranagar is an old-timer with a modern twist. This historical neighborhood boasts prices ranging from Rs 14,500 to Rs 20,000 per square foot. While it might be a bit heavy on the pocket, the rich cultural environment and connectivity to all the major areas in Bangalore, make it worthwhile. With an average rental yield of 5%, Indiranagar is bound to grow on you before you realize it. HSR is located towards the south of Bangalore, its prices vary from Rs 6500 to Rs 10,000 per sq foot. This area not only offers a great average rental yield of 10% but is also close to Koramangala and tech hubs like Sarjapur and Bellandur. HSR also has multiple entertainment and food zones, along with its growth as a startup hub in Bangalore.
  4. Bellandur: Ranging from Rs 6700 to Rs 16000 per square foot, Bellandur is a go-to option for multiple newbies in Bangalore. It has an incredible average rental yield of 15%. If you’ve ever worked in Bellandur, you’d know about the diversity, innovation, and convenience of this area. Bellandur has many natural attractions, and is close to areas like Marathalli and Sarjapur, keeping you close to the essence of the city.

    So, there you have it – the top 5 areas to buy property in Bangalore in 2024. Whether you’re into tech, culture, or just want a peaceful home, these neighborhoods have got you covered. 

    House hunting and finding the perfect loan plan to cover your home ownership can be quite anxiety-inducing. We’ve lived through it and done it all. Want to blow off some steam or get expert guidance throw this? You know where to find us! 

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