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Tax Saving Calculator

Home loans come with a dual advantage – they not only help you acquire your dream home but also offer substantial tax benefits. Understanding these benefits is crucial for effective financial planning. The tax saving calculator for home loans emerges as a pivotal tool in this journey. They help homeowners calculate the exact amount they can save on taxes by making informed decisions.

Understanding Home Loans and Tax Benefits

How Home Loans work

A home loan is typically a long-term loan borrowed from a financial institution to purchase a house. The borrower repays the loan, along with interest, over a predetermined period.

Tax Sections

SectionBenefit Description
Section 24Allows tax deduction on the interest paid on home loan up to Rs 2 lakh per annum for a self-occupied property.
Section 80COffers deduction for the principal repayment of a home loan up to Rs 1.5 lakh per annum.
Adding a Co-applicant: Doubling the Tax BenefitsWhen a home loan is co-applied for by two or more individuals, each co-applicant can claim tax deductions on the principal and interest amounts paid towards the loan. This means that co-applicants, such as spouses, can individually claim deductions under Sections 24, 80C doubling the tax benefits compared to what a single applicant could claim.

What is a Tax Saving Calculator?

A tax saving calculator is an online tool. They are designed to help homeowners determine the potential tax savings on their home loan. By inputting details like the loan amount, interest rate, and tenure, homeowners can get an accurate estimate of their tax deductions. This enables better budgeting and financial planning.

Benefits of Using a Tax Saving Calculator

Accuracy: Provides precise calculations of potential tax savings.
Informed Decisions: Helps in selecting the right loan offer based on tax benefits.
Future Planning: Assists in financial planning by estimating yearly tax savings.

How to Maximize Your Savings with a Tax Saving Calculator?

Selecting the Right Home Loan

Choosing a loan with the best terms and interest rates is vital. It directly impacts the tax benefits you can avail. A tax saving calculator aids in comparing different loan offers.

Using the Calculator to Estimate Savings

By accurately inputting loan details into the calculator, homeowners can get a clear picture of their yearly tax deductions, helping them make better investment decisions.

Planning Ahead for Maximum Tax Benefits

Understanding how different loan parameters affect tax savings enables homeowners to plan their finances better, ensuring maximum benefits.

How to use Credit Dharma’s Tax Saving Calculator?

  • Input Data :To kick things off, begin by entering loan details. This includes the principal amount of the loan, which is the total sum you’ve borrowed. Following this, input the interest rate . Next up, specify the tenure of your loan, which is the duration over which you plan to repay it. Lastly, don’t forget to include your tax bracket; this critical piece of information helps the calculator determine the exact tax savings you could be eligible for.
  • Calculation :Just as you’ve inputted your loan details, the calculator uses a standard formula to estimate the tax savings.
  • Result Display: Instantly, the calculator displays the estimated amount of tax you can save annually. This offers a clear understanding of the financial benefits.
  • Iterations: Therefore, by adjusting the inputs – whether it’s increasing the loan amount, changing the interest rate, or altering the loan tenure –you can explore how these changes impact your potential tax savings.

Benefits of Using Credit Dharma’s Tax Saving Calculator

  • Accurate Estimates: Provides precise calculations based on the latest tax laws and regulations.
  • Customization: Enables you to tailor loan parameters to your specific situation, ensuring the advice is relevant to you.
  • Financial Planning: Assists in planning your finances by estimating potential tax savings. This helps you make informed decisions about loan tenure and repayment.
  • Easy Comparisons: Offers the flexibility to compare different loan scenarios. This in turn empowers you with the knowledge to choose the best financial strategy.


Utilizing Credit Dharma’s tax saving calculator simplifies the complex task of estimating tax savings on home loans. Whether you’re evaluating your current loan or considering a new home purchase, the tax saving calculator is an essential tool in your financial toolkit, ensuring that you leverage every opportunity to minimize your tax liability and enhance your savings.

Need more clarity? Our team of Credit Dharma experts is here to guide you every step of the way. Feel free to reach out!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a home loan tax saving calculator work?

A home loan tax saving calculator works by utilizing the loan amount, interest rate, and loan tenure you input to calculate the potential tax savings. It considers the deductions available under various sections of the Income Tax Act, like Section 24 for interest paid and Section 80C for principal repayment, to provide an estimate of how much you could save on taxes annually.

What are the tax benefits of a home loan?

The tax benefits of a home loan primarily include deductions on the principal amount and the interest paid. Under Section 80C, you can claim deductions up to ?1.5 lakh for the principal repayment, and under Section 24, you can claim up to ?2 lakh for interest paid on a home loan for a self-occupied property. Additional benefits are available under Sections 80EE and 80EEA for first-time homeowners, subject to certain conditions.

Can I claim tax benefits on a second home loan?

Yes, you can claim tax benefits on a second home loan. However, the rules are slightly different. For the interest paid on the loan of a second property, there is no upper limit for the deduction under Section 24, but the property is considered as rented out (even if it’s not) for tax purposes. The rent received (or deemed rent) is added to your income, and you can deduct the full interest paid on the loan of this property.

How can I maximize my tax savings on a home loan?

To maximize your tax savings on a home loan, ensure you’re making full use of the deductions available under Section 80C for the principal repayment and Section 24 for the interest paid. Consider adding a co-applicant, such as your spouse, to double the tax benefits if both of you are co-owners and have separate sources of income. Additionally, staying informed about any new tax laws or changes in deductions can help you plan your loans and repayments better.

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