Rental Yield Calculator

The rental yield is the rate of return that a property owner can realize from leasing out a property. It is computed by taking the annual rental income collected on the property and dividing it by the total capitalized value of the property.

Understanding the concept of rental yield is fundamental for property investors. In this blog, we’ll delve deep into the intricacies of rental yield and how using a Rental Yield Calculator can be a game-changer for your property investments.

The total capitalized value includes factors like the purchase price, renovations, maintenance costs and any other major expenses related to the property. The rental yield metric allows an investor to evaluate the potential profitability. Of a rental property investment and compare returns across different properties.

What is Rental Yield?

Rental yield, a key term in real estate investment, represents the percentage of the property’s value earned as rental income annually. This indicator is pivotal in assessing the profitability of income-generating assets. The Rental Yield Calculator emerges as an invaluable tool for investors, aiding in evaluating the investment potential of residential and commercial properties.

Gross vs. Net Rental Yield

  1. Gross Rental Yield:
  2. Net Rental Yield:
    • More comprehensive, the Net Rental Yield Calculator factors in taxes, maintenance costs, and other related expenses. It offers a more realistic view of the actual income.
    • The formula used is: Net rental yield = (Annual rental income?Annual expenses)/Property value×100.

Understand CreditDharma Rental Yield Calculator with an example

The Calculator takes inputs from the user like

  • Purchase Price or Cost of Property
  • Annual Operational Costs or Maintenance Cost
  • Monthly Rental Income

Let’s consider an example. If a property was purchased for Rs. 2.5 Crores, incurs annual expenses of Rs 30,000 and generates Rs.70,000 Monthly rental income the calculation in a Net Rental Yield Calculator would be (8,40,000?30,000)/250,00,000×100,

resulting in a Net Rental Yield of 3.24%.

Factors Influencing Rental Yields:

When calculating the rental yield, one must take into account various external factors such as location, project type, and the builder’s reputation. Moreover, in Tier-1 cities, high demand and soaring property prices significantly impact rental values. On the contrary, luxury properties often produce lower returns compared to more affordable segments, which tend to offer higher yields and superior returns. Specifically, affordable housing projects in prime locations can maximize rental income. Likewise, properties from reputable builders tend to command higher rents and appreciate more over time. Overall, optimizing rental yield involves carefully evaluating multiple aspects like city tier, property segment, project amenities, and developer reputation when making an investment decision. As a result, thoughtful analysis of these key factors enables investors to select assets that balance capital appreciation and regular rental income.

Why Use CreditDharma’s Calculator ?

Utilizing a Rental Yield Calculator allows investors to make informed decisions. It helps in comparing different properties, considering not just the potential rental income but also the associated costs, providing a clearer picture of the actual returns.


In summary, the Rental Yield Calculator is an essential tool for any savvy property investor. By accurately calculating both gross and net rental yields, it empowers investors to make strategic, profitable decisions in real estate investments.

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